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2010 - 2020 Camaro 3 to 4 inch complete kit with custom rear strut tops!
USD $689.00
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Lift Brand 3" Custom Modified Struts lifts up your strut plate to allow for clerance up to 32 inch rims. 

Lift Brand 3" Custom Modified Struts lifts everything up 3" including the strut plate. This kit will come with factory replacement struts that have been modified to give the vehicle a full 3" lift. We can customize this kit to come 2 to 4 inches in hieght depending on size of rim. Depending what size rim you will have to modify your fenders but we can achieve the look any guy with a new sick Camaro would want!

Comes complete with 2 brand new front struts custom modified with brand new custom rear strut tops with brand new extended hardware. Any questions at all don't hesitate to call us at 877-995-4382. 

Shipping - $50