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Nothing says “style” like a Cadillac. You’ve heard the phrase “the Cadillac of…?” Well, there’s a reason that high-end items are described this way. The Cadillac brand exudes luxury. There are few things that can improve on what Cadillac has done, with our lift kits being the exception. Whether your ride is a DeVille, Eldorado, Fleetwood or Seville - any one of these vehicles takes on a new personality with a donk kit.

Elevate your style and your Cadillac with our donk kits. Transforming your ride into pure awesomeness begins with Lift-A-Brand parts of the finest quality. We offer complete kits or à la carte parts for the custom builder. Want to make your Cadillac really stand out? Let us help you. We have lift kits for all kinds of Caddys and for all sizes of rims.

It doesn’t matter if you call your ride a high-riser, bubble car, box car or donk. We have the kits to make sure your rims fit on your sweet custom ride. Our lift kits are custom made for your specific make and model. Don’t see what you’re looking for here? Give us a call or write us a note, and we’ll get started on your custom donk lift kit.

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