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3" to 5" - RWD Coil spring suspension vehicle Car Lift Kit
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A set of 4 lift spacers to lift your ride up 3" to 5" of lift. 

Liftabrand's Car Lift Kit 5" liftaz install under your factory coil springs for 5" of lift. Each lifter is made from high grade heavy gauge steel. Just compress the coil spring and slide under the lifters to lift your vehicle. To get the max 7" in the front you will need Lift Brand's extended front control arms.

This universal lift will work with most rear wheel drive vehicles. To make sure it will work with your car call 877-995-4382 with any questions.

Add extended shocks today to make sure your not maxing out your shocks and to provide the best ride possible.

You have to remove your old shocks to put theses cups in place so dont make more work for yourself to add these later. Saves you time and money to do it all at once.

Detailed installation instructions available on the home page under "Instructions"

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