While the long, muscular lines of the classic 70's machine that is the heart of your customized donk still look as awesome as ever, there are times when you might wonder if the 40 year old technology that Detroit built is really all you want or need. Those old headlights never provided the same illumination that modern vehicles dish out, and it's possible that your tail lights are barely visible.  However, do you really want to replace the entire lens with an aftermarket unit featuring LED or HID technology that fits in the grille, but perhaps doesn't truly belong to that earlier decade?

Is This a Show Car or a Daily Driver?

When you began customizing your donk, did you intend that it simply become a jacked car straight out of another decade destined to be displayed at car shows, neighborhood meets and as an attraction for your business?  Or do you see your ride as your own vision that you take to the corner store and beach? The answer to those questions may determine what you decide to do with your headlights.  If you are not adhering to a design spec from another century, install a set of lights and accessories that add to the personality of your machine while lighting up the night sky in style. Add on some LED halos, look into the silver-lights, and even add a set of driving lights in your lower grille.  Go ahead!

New Throwback Products Can Do Both

If your donk has sealed beam headlights, there are new kits that allow you to rewire the socket for the bulb that will support HID, LED and even halo lights.  Some arrive with lenses that duplicate the OEM appearance of your vehicle when it first rolled off the lot.  In other words, under the summer sun it'll look stock.  When the stars come out, you will be able to see down dark country roads with a pair of modern HID lamps in your grille.

If you're thinking about switching things up on your donk, check out our website for accessories and custom kits that can bring your 70's machine in the 21st century with style and flair. If you're not sure what you're looking for, give us a call and we'll be glad to help.