It’s not just the lift kit that makes a great donk -- you’ve gotta have the custom wheels to match. When you get your hands on a spectacular set of custom alloys, you’ll want to keep them looking their best no matter what the open road throws at it. Curbs and potholes aren’t the only thing to worry about when it comes to taking care of your alloy wheels. There’s also the issue of brake dust -- the grayish-black dust-like residue that slowly builds up on your wheels over time.


Where Brake Dust Comes From


Brake dust is a common byproduct of the work your brakes must to do bring your donk to a safe stop. The vast majority of vehicles use semi-metallic brake pads, which contain varying amounts of metallic fibers for added durability. This keeps the brake pads from wearing out quickly, but it also allows your brakes to generate a lot of brake dust.


As the brake pads press against the brake discs during a stop, the friction creates metallic dust particles that gain a static charge and eventually find their way on your alloy wheels.


A Corrosive Situation


Unlike the dust you might see elsewhere on your car, brake dust is anything but benign. Leaving brake dust to its own devices can easily wreck the appearance and longevity of your wheels in short order. Contact with moisture and other materials can easily turn brake dust corrosive, allowing it to eat away at your wheels starting with the clear coat. Once it reaches the underlying alloy metal, you can expect to see pitting on the wheel surface.


How to Protect Your Wheels


If you care about your custom wheels, then keeping them free of brake dust is your best bet. All it takes is a good wheel cleaner, a soft bristle brush and plenty of elbow grease. The occasional coat of paste wax after cleaning can help preserve your custom wheels’ good looks by providing protection against brake dust.


To keep your brake dust problem from being a major pain next time, you’ll want to grab a set of our brake dust covers. We carry a full selection of covers for a variety of vehicles and wheel sizes, all made from durable plasma-cut high-grade steel. They not only keep brake dust at bay, but they also keep road debris from interfering with your braking system.


A set of custom brake dust covers can be the perfect addition for your donk car. Call us today and find out which style is best for your donk.