Big wheels are a prerequisite when it comes to creating the classic donk, whether you choose a clean set of 22-inch “dubs” or go big with a truly unique set of 40-inchers. But going big with large-diameter wheels and low-profile tires can bring with it a few challenges, one of those being how to safely navigate over potholes and speed bumps without ruining your wheels.


Slow and Steady Always Wins

Traveling over a speed bump at high speeds isn’t something you’d want to do in an ordinary vehicle. The sheer force of impact can easily lead to broken tire belts, sidewall bubbles and flat spots. Harder impacts can even cause the tire itself to blow out. Wheels can bend, crack or even shatter upon sufficient impact.

When it comes to traversing speed bumps, potholes and other road hazards in a donk, your best bet is to take it nice and slow. You may have to take the time crawling over bumps and through dips, but you’ll come out of the experience with your tires and wheels intact.

You may see some drivers attempt to soften the blow by approaching speed bumps and dips diagonally. According to those who swear by it, the diagonal approach places less stress on wheels and suspension components by changing the vehicle’s angle of attack. It’s the same approach used for cars and trucks with lowered suspensions.


Choose Your Routes Wisely

Every driver has their own story about a road that’s always riddled with potholes, no matter how many times it’s been fixed. It’s a common occurrence in areas where harsh winter weather, snowplow activity and road salt use combine to create road surfaces better suited for the moon.

If you’re out cruising in your donk, you might want to pass up on these rough roads and detour onto smoother and better maintained pavement. It’ll save wear and tear not just on your wheels and tires, but on suspension components that’d be subjected to the stress the entire time.


Add More Rubber

Unlike their taller and beefier counterparts, the thin low-profile tires commonly used on donk wheels don’t offer much protection against impacts from potholes or speed bumps. Depending on the type and size of tire you have, you may be able to bump up your sidewall height for a slightly larger cushion. For instance, moving from a tire with a 35 profile to one with a 40 profile can offer more protection for your donk’s wheels.

When you have a full lift and a fantastic set of wheels to match, you want to avoid situations that could ruin your ride in short order. Fortunately, LiftaBrand’s full line of body lift kits feature suspension components that not only provide a smooth factory ride, but also stand up to potholes, speed bumps and other common road obstacles.