Proper brake care and maintenance procedures are often overlooked. The engine is the source of many expensive car repair problems, so it gets most of the attention when it comes to preventative maintenance. However, problems with your car's brakes can be just as dangerous and expensive, if not more so. Brakes have a much smaller chance of developing problems if they are maintained properly. Proper brake maintenance includes replacing pads, replacing rotors, and refilling brake fluid. Most people are aware of this operations and do perform them on their car's brakes. However, many people do not have brake dust covers. Read on to find out why brake dust covers are an important aspect of protecting your brakes. 


The damage dust can do to brakes

Dust is one of the biggest dangers to automotive brakes. It can cause premature wear or even damage to brake pads, calipers, and rotors. Unfortunately, regular car operation creates a great deal of dust. This dust can cause the following specific problems:

Shorter life

Normally, brakes are supposed to last 50,000 miles or more. However, excess dust can greatly reduce the life of brakes. A severe dust problem can cut brake life in half (or worse) if not treated in time. 

Longer stopping distances

Dust also reduces the effectiveness, or stopping power, of the brakes. This can result in longer stopping distances. A long stopping distance caused by dust could result in an otherwise avoidable accident. Such an accident could cause expensive damage or even injury. When you consider the relatively cheap cost of brake dust covers, the purchase is clearly worth it. 

More noise

Everyone has heard car brakes make annoying squeaking or squealing sounds. Perhaps you have had this problem with your own car in the past. This issue can be caused by several things, one of which is excess dust. 


The benefits of brake dust covers

Brake dust covers prevent an excess amount of dust getting into the brake mechanism. This allows for more effective and quieter operation, as well as longer component life. Brake dust covers result in a car that is safer and cheaper to maintain.


Get your brake dust covers today

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