When it comes to creating a donk car, image is everything. Donk owners pride themselves on making sure every square inch of their rides are kept pristine. It’s all part of the evolution from a down-on-its-luck beater to something that could be called a true work of art. The amount of care and attention given to a donk car can be seen in every aspect of the vehicle, all the way down to the wheels.


Once you have the big wheels, you’ll need to know how to properly care for them. Keeping your wheels clean is a big part of keeping a custom donk, box or bubble looking its best.


How to Properly Clean Your Wheels


As you get down to business, here are a few key tips you should keep in mind when it comes to cleaning your wheels:


  • Never wash your wheels when they’re hot. The heat can cause the cleaner to dry prematurely, leaving behind soap film and water spots.
  • Wash your wheels after washing the rest of the car. Fighting gravity is always an uphill battle that ends with rinsed-off dirt and grime all over your wheels.
  • Avoid washing your wheels in direct sunlight, since this could heat up the wheel and leave behind blemishes.
  • Choose your wheel cleaner wisely. Some wheel cleaners are designed to be gentler than others. Play it safe and choose the cleaner your wheel manufacturer recommends.
  • Always start and finish with one wheel before moving on to another. This way, you won’t risk drying the cleaner on your wheels.
  • Always use a clean microfiber cloth for each wheel, as using dirty cloths can lead to cross-contamination and microscopic scratches in the wheel finish.


Keeping Brake Dust at Bay


A little brake dust can go a long way towards ruining a great set of rims. Brake dust consists of numerous metal particles that wear off of your brakes during use. Given the chance, these potentially corrosive particles will stick on your wheels, creating patches of dull, dark blemishes that prove difficult to remove. Wait too long and you might not be able to remove them at all.


Fortunately, a set of brake dust covers can help keep that brake dust from reaching your wheels. These covers can also conceal parts of your wheel that aren’t exactly show-worthy, such as your disc brakes and drum rotors.


We offer a wide selection of custom brake dust covers, each made from plasma-cut high-grade steel for added durability. There’s nothing labor-intensive about taking care of our custom brake dust covers, either. They’re designed so that they can be cleaned with a simple rinse. If you need a set for your ride, give us a call and let us know today.