When you hear the term “donk”, chances are your mind brings up images of older custom cars outfitted with a lift kit, uniquely fresh paint, custom interior and those quintessential large custom wheels. These days, the term is used to describe just about any lifted car with large alloy wheels -- and there are plenty of examples of the newest and latest vehicles receiving the donk car treatment.


Although the term “donk” is widely used among enthusiasts and laypeople alike, there are plenty of distinctions among the many vehicles that are outfitted with lift kits and those spectacular alloy wheels. The following talks about the three most common types of donk cars -- also known as “hi-risers” -- and the many things that set each type of vehicle apart from the others.



The 1971-1976 Chevrolet Impala epitomizes the quintessential donk car. After all, it’s the car that originally earned the “donk” name. The term itself comes from the Impala symbol being referred to as a “donkey” by hi-riser owners. The terms popularity eventually spread to other cars made throughout the 1960s and 1970s, eventually making it a universal name among fans.



Box cars are another type of donk car. The term usually refers to the 1977-1990 General Motors vehicles based on the rear-wheel drive B, C and D platforms, along with the G-body personal luxury coupes. However, the term can be used to describe just about any boxy late 1970s or 1980s vehicle that’s been given the donk treatment. Classic examples include the 1980s Oldsmobile Cutlass coupes and 1980s Chevrolet Caprice Classics.



“Bubble” cars typically refer to the 1991-1996 Chevrolet Caprice, although the similar Buick Roadmaster and Cadillac Fleetwood of that era also apply. The much more rounded appearance of these cars is what helped them earn their “bubble” nickname, especially in the case of the Caprice. The term can also be loosely applied to other similarly styled vehicles that were produced throughout the 1990s.


What About Other Vehicles?

Just because a vehicle doesn’t fit into any of the above categories doesn’t make it any less of a donk. In fact, a wide variety of newer vehicles are simply called donk cars with little distinction given to their body style or era. Popular cars like the Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Charger have all been turned into donk cars by their owners, showing just how popular donk culture has grown throughout the past few years.


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