A true “donk” car refers specifically to 1971-1976 full-size Chevrolet cars. The term “donk” actually comes from the Chevy Impala. During these years, the Impala had a special logo that featured a leaping African antelope. To many, this jumping creature resembled a donkey, so when this particular Chevy model started gaining traction in the custom-car industry, people started referring to them as “donks.”


Of ourse, donk culture has grown over the past twenty years to include just about any vehicle you can think of. While the 1970s-era cruisers remain popular - they make up around 70 percent of the donks you’ll see on the road - many other makes, models, and years of cars have found owners to modify the vehicles’ suspensions, brakes, and one some even the body panels.


Donk Lift Kits, Sweet Rims, Sweeter Paint


Donk cars sit on a suspension lift kit. Some lifts are as little as two or three inches over factory ride height. Other cars might sit three feet higher in the air than they did before modification. Generally, the higher the ride, the bigger the rims. We work with all kinds of rims, from 20 and 22-inch spinners to massive 32-inch rims that look like they should be on a monster truck. When a car is jacked up high over its original cruising height, it’s known as a “hi riser” or “skyscraper.”


Whichever kind of car you have, it’s likely that it wasn’t designed to ride on the massive wheels that make donk cars so special. That’s why you have to make major customizations to the vehicle before you can slap on those sweet rims. The first necessity is a lift kit. The donk lift kit alters your suspension and brake systems so those huge wheels will fit under the car. In some cases, owners will also widen the fender flares, too.


In addition to the lift kit and rims, a major donk trend over the last two decades is to have the most outrageous, wildest, coolest paint job around. Just walk around a gathering of donk enthusiasts and you’ll see tremendous creativity both on the wheels and with the paint.


When you’re ready to put together your donk car, give us a call. We offer a full line of donk lift kits for most makes and models. And if we don’t have it, we’ll make it to your car’s specs. Get started on your creative ride by getting in touch with us today.