Few cars manage to turn heads and captivate passers-by quite like a donk. Thanks to its big body and even bigger wheels, a donk definitely stands out from just about everything else on the road. Aside from the ever-essential custom donk lift kit, customization plays a big role in turning an ordinary sedan or coupe into a bonafide donk -- after all, each donk is meant to be an individual reflection of the owner’s tastes and artistic vision.


That leaves plenty of room for a donk owner to get pretty creative with their rolling work of art. Here are a few customization ideas you can use to get the ball rolling on your donk project.


Cover It in Candy Paint


Candy paint is one of the many staples of donk car culture and it’s a great way of making your donk stand out. The great thing about a candy paint job is the deep, rich color it produces, along with a characteristic sparkle that other automotive paints are hard-pressed to replicate.


Add a Brand Name to Your Donk


Ever wonder why some donks look like rolling billboards? As it turns out, brand names are a popular theme when it comes to donk customization. If you have a favorite sports drink, video game, candy bar or television show, you can customize your donk based on those images and designs. Or you can skip the well-known brand names and create your own unique message.


Consider Body Underlighting


Adding body underlighting is a sure-fire way of adding more flash to an already flashy ride, especially during nighttime car shows and other outings. Neon and LED underlighting kits are available in a broad range of colors, plus the latest LED kits can change colors and patterns on the fly, adding a new level of cool to your donk.


Consider Different Interior Trim Fabrics


Ever wonder how your donk’s interior would look with suede, genuine leather or imitation alligator skin? Changing up your trim is yet another way of customizing your donk to your tastes. You can choose outrageous interior designs and colors that match your donk’s exterior theme or go for a more low-key appearance -- whatever you choose is up to you.


Don’t Forget About the Brake Dust Covers


The last thing you’d want to worry about is getting brake dust all over your wheels. Fortunately, we offer a wide selection of brake dust covers that accommodate most wheel sizes and designs. The covers themselves also come in a broad range of designs, meaning you can choose one that best suits your donk.


For more ideas on how to pimp your donk or information about what we offer, contact us through the website or call us at 877-995-4382. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.