The term Donk used to refer to solely to a highly customized Mid-70s Chevrolet Impala and then any American-made full-size car from that period. But nowadays, any car on large custom wheels falls into the “Donk” category.


As the popularity of Donks continue to explode, car enthusiasts everywhere are turning to do-it-yourself solutions to Donk their rides. And with the availability of full Donk kits, it is easier than ever to transform your ride into a legitimate Donk. Here’s how:


Know what you want

Custom Donk kits are custom designed for you. Lifts range anywhere from 3 inch above factory default to several feet. The higher the rise, the bigger the rims, typically.


Determine what size rims you want. In the Donk world, the bigger the better. Cars raised high over the manufacturer’s standard cruising height are sometimes called “skyscrapers.” This is typically done for show purposes only. If you plan to use your Donk as a daily driver, it may be smart to consider a lower option.


Purchase a Donk Kit from a trusted supplier

Our Donk kits come with everything you need to Donk your ride, eliminating the need to do any custom work on your car. These kits offer no cut, no rub solutions with full U-turn clearance on rims up to 32 inches.


Depending on the year, make and model of your car, Donk kits are designed to provide a maximum lift to your vehicle with as little custom work as possible on your end.


A little bit of Donk know-how

First, know if your car can be turned into a Donk by using our Find My Ride feature. Almost any full size American made car will work.


Full Donk kits come with everything you need to properly lift your vehicle, including extended spindles with brake upgrade, spring re-locators, extended rear trailing arms and transmission drop hardware extended lift shocks. While this makes the job incredibly easy, a little know-how is still required.


And most importantly, the kits are fabricated to your specific vehicle’s specifications.


The paint job is also important to a Donk and we try and build the cross member to your vehicle's theme if possible.


For more information on how to Donk your ride yourself, or to get more information on our services, call us today at 877.995.4382. Our professional, knowledgeable staff is here to answer any Donk related questions or concerns you may have.