Donk kits are one of the most striking and extreme aesthetic modifications you can install on your car. Unlike a simple set of rims, a full donk kit install is relatively rare. If you really want your ride to stand out, donk kits are the way to go. They allow you to install the most extreme rims on the market on any car, no matter how huge these rims are. Also, donk kits make your car sit up above the rest of the cars on the road. This makes your car stand out even more than the rims by themselves.


Donk Kits Are Relatively Rare

These days, it seems like everyone has a set of rims on their car. Rims by themselves, at least not normal rims, are not really a way to make your ride stand out. Donk kits, on the other hand, are not nearly as common. While cars with rims are everywhere, very few cars have full donk kits. Those that do command a great deal of attention. The huge rims, as well as the increased height of your ride, ensures that everybody will give you a second look.


Install Huge Rims

While normal rims may not make your car stand out that much, the huge rims that donk kits allow you to install will certainly catch the eye of everyone who sees them. Donk kits allow the installation of rims measuring 26 inches or more. The vast majority of cars would not have enough clearance to allow the installation of these rims without donk kits. Even cars that do have enough clearance are more eye-catching after being lifted with a donk kit.


Sit Up Above Everyone Else

A donk kit can make your car sit up like a truck. This feature is perhaps the best-known result of these modifications and can be heard in many raps referencing cars. A normal size car, like a Chevy Impala, that is sitting up above all of the other cars on the road instantly commands attention. If you really want to stand out above every other car on the road, donk kits are your best bet.


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