Many people don't know what donk kits are. Even some who do know what these kits are don't know how they can radically change the look of a car. This is because donk kits were formerly used in a small segment of the car enthusiast subculture, and are just now being exposed to a wider range of people. To put it simply, donk kits are lift kits that allow your car to accommodate larger rims. Read on to learn more details about this radical and unique mod for your ride.


Differences between donk kits and lift kits

If you aren't familiar with donk kits, you may instead be familiar with lift kits. Lift kits and donk kits both lift the car. However, they are usually installed for different reasons and on different types of cars. Lift kits area usually associated with pickup trucks and cars with off-road capabilities like Jeep Wranglers. They are often installed to change the look of the car, although they can also be installed to increase ground clearance for better off-road performance. Donk kits, on the other hand, are often installed in Cadillac or Chevy sedans, especially the Chevy Impala. The Impala is the most popular car for donk kits. Donk kits are installed to allow the car to accommodate massive rims. These rims can be 26 inches in size or even bigger, depending on how much the kit lifts the car.


Changing the look of your car

 You have a lot of options if you want to stand out by modifying your car. You can go for a custom paint job, a body kit, or any of the many other options available for car enthusiasts in this day and age. However, donk kits are considered to be among the most striking modifications by many car enthusiasts. While a paint job or body kit can make a car look stunning from a short distance, a donk kit, together with a big set of rims, can make a car stand out from the other side of the block.


Are they worth it?

You might be tempted to assume that custom donk kits are expensive. However, they cost less than you might think. This is especially true if you buy a full kit and work on your car yourself, as many enthusiasts choose to do. When you consider how much donk kits change the look of your car, they are great value for money.