There are many misconceptions about lift kits. Some people say they are too expensive to purchase and install. However, lift kits, even custom lift kits, are surprisingly affordable. Another alleged issue that detractors of lift kits frequently cite is the idea that installing a lift kit will ruin the ride of your car. This is not the case if the right lift kit is used and the kit is installed properly. Finally, many people say there's no benefit to be gained from installing a lift kit. However, this is not the case. A properly installed lift kit can dramatically increase ground clearance. If you live in the area with rough roads, or if you go off-roading, frequently this increased ground clearance can be very useful.


Lift kits are relatively inexpensive

There is a common misconception in the automotive modification community that lift kits cost thousands of dollars. This is not the case. Lift kits start at only a few hundred dollars, depending on your vehicle. Of course, if you want a top of the line custom lift kit and are willing to spend the money, you can have the best lift kit possible for your vehicle custom-made and it will be a bit more expensive. Some think that lift kits take days to install and thus the labor costs are very expensive. However, a professional shop that specializes in lift kits in generally have your car done in under a day. As a result, the labor costs are not prohibitive. 


Lift kits don't ruin the ride of your car 

Another common misconception that you often see online the idea that lift kits ruin the ride of your car. The right lift kit installed by a professional will not ruin the ride of your car. Sometimes, people who purchased at lift kits without any guidance and sold them themselves see negative effects on the handling of their cars.


Lift kits increase ground clearance

Lift kits not only look cool, they are functional as well. Lift kits can increase the clearance of vehicle by 12 inches or more. This can be a great help to people who often have to drive on poor roads. This is also a desirable trait for off-roading enthusiasts.


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