In 1979, The Clash took their London-inspired punk rhythms, combined them with a US-rockabilly style, and belted out “Brand New Cadillac.” It has become one of the most iconic songs about automobiles ever recorded.

Actually, The Clash didn’t write the song; Vince Taylor originally penned the 12-bar blues song in 1959. That was a time in American when Cadillac was synonymous with luxury, quality, and having arrived at the good life in years after World War II.

Twenty years later, the British rockers covered the tune. It’s a short song at just over two minutes, but the piece contains all of the elements of a 1950s-era rock song (you can almost hear Chuck Berry noodling in the solo riffs). At the same time, it’s tempered with the rough-around-the-edges, high-energy style that characterized the punk movement in the late 1970s.

At Liftabrand, when we hear “Brand New Cadillac” we think about 1979 and how sweet it would be to have a ‘79 Caddie lifted up with new rims. You’ve certainly seen these rides around. In 1979, Cadillac produced nearly 100,000 Sedan de Villes, over 120,000 Coupe de Villes, and 67,000 Eldorados. Other cars made that year include the Seville, the Fleetwood Brougham, and the rare Series 75, of which fewer than 3,000 cars rolled off the assembly line.

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