Are you looking to create a serious donk? Then you’ll need a few things. First, you’ll need a car. The classic donks are 1970s-era Impalas, Caprices, and Monte Carlos. Because cars’ shapes have changed over the years, some people call 1980s-era cars “boxes” due to their hard edges and boxy appearance. In the 1990s, designs softened a bit, with much more rounded corners. Many people refer to cars of this era as “bubbles.” 

Whatever you call it, once you have the car, you’ll need some big wheels. Many folks like installing a custom audio system. Regardless, you’ll need a donk lift kit so that those new rims will fit. It’s like giving your car a raise (literally)! 

In order to create a donk, you need to raise the car’s suspension. Some people use truck lift kits, but we don’t recommend it. After all, you’re not building Bigfoot, you’re making a low-riding car a high-riding machine. 

Custom Donk Lift Kits 

Our custom lift kits are engineered to fit your vehicle’s specifications. This makes for easier installation, a smoother ride, and safer handling. Your new wheels will fit perfectly, and look great. Plus, the new, higher stance looks awesome. 

Some of the components of the donk lift kits include cups, shocks, brake dust covers, front control arms, and rear trailing arms. We make them to fit just about any car known to man, so if you have a Caprice, Cutlass, Eldorado, Riviera, Skylark, Towncar or anything else, let us know. We have the perfect custom solution for you. And if we don’t currently have it, we’ll make it in our machine shop in Minnesota. So get your ride, your rims, and a lift kit to fit those 20 inch, 22 inch, 24 inch, or bigger donk rims. Contact us today to get started.