Now everybody gets excited when you see that classic 1970's Chevy Impala rolling down the road on massive wheels with an absolutely sweet paint job. However, there is something about those four-door mammoths that feel like they belong to another generation, like your parents. At the same time, your love for flashy spinners and that raked ride have you wishing you could tweak your beloved Honda Civic into something special. Well, you can!


Donk Is Not Just a Make and Model, It's an Attitude

The beautiful part of custom cars is that no two are the same. Whether you like something long and low or loud and proud, there's going to be a custom donk kit out there to help you bring your dream ride to life.  No, you are not going to be putting 33-inch wheels on your mid-size compact collector car, but when you jump from 15 or 16-inch to 20-inch painted split-spoke forged aluminum wheels, you are going to make a statement.  That's what donk-itude is all about, after all.  It's the desire to brink your personal flair to a vehicle that might otherwise be dismissed as a bit of an ugly duckling.


Network to Find the Right Parts and Help

One thing is for sure, creating a donk--whether it's a Buick or a Toyota--isn't accomplished all by yourself in a dingy garage. It takes a team to bring together the vision, find the parts, execute the lift and finish it off with a killer spray job.  You may not find a complete donk kit that's going to work for your 4-cylinder four door wonder right on the shelf, but that doesn't mean the parts don't exist. It takes picking up the phone or sending an email to somebody who has experience and contacts, like the guys over at LiftaBrand. When you start to share your ideas, you will find the support and even the tips you're going to need to bring that little Civic into the 21st century.


Sometimes you find the best ideas right in your neighborhood. Check out the next car meet in your backyard. See what others dreamt of and built with a little determination and creativity.  Give the guys over at LiftaBrand a call to create your own custom donk kit. Before you know it, that little Honda will be the talk of the town.