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What are "Spinning Rims"?

Ever see a donk stopped at a stoplight, only to marvel at how its wheels are still spinning somehow? Spinning wheels, also known as “spinning rims,” are a highly popular alternative to the usual static donk wheels. As their namesake shows, spinning wheels feature an independent cover and heavy-duty roller bearings that allow it to rotate even while the vehicle is stopped.

Spring is Coming! Detailing Tips for Your Prized Donk

Warm weather brings with it the season of cruising down the strip with all your friends.  Of course when you're rolling out in style, you'll want your donk to look its very best. Those 28-inch wheels won't polish themselves, and even if your spinners are shining bright, you won't want to leave your paint job in the dust. We've got some tips for bringing out the pearlized undertones and keeping your tires and vinyl looking their most awesome.

Updating Headlights and Tail Lamps on a Classic Donk: What's the Right Thing to Do?

While the long, muscular lines of the classic 70's machine that is the heart of your customized donk still look as awesome as ever, there are times when you might wonder if the 40 year old technology that Detroit built is really all you want or need. Those old headlights never provided the same illumination that modern vehicles dish out, and it's possible that your tail lights are barely visible.  However, do you really want to replace the entire lens with an aftermarket unit featuring LED or HID technology that fits in the grille, but perhaps doesn't truly belong to that earlier decade?

Do's and Don'ts of Installing a Lift Kit for Your Donk

Ready to get your donk on? Installing a lift kit for your donk, whether it’s your first time or if you’re seasoned, requires a knowledge of what to do and what not to do. The following offers a brief primer on the do’s and don’ts when it comes to your new lift kit:

How Custom Donk Kits Can Change the Look of Your Car

Many people don't know what donk kits are. Even some who do know what these kits are don't know how they can radically change the look of a car. This is because donk kits were formerly used in a small segment of the car enthusiast subculture, and are just now being exposed to a wider range of people. To put it simply, donk kits are lift kits that allow your car to accommodate larger rims. Read on to learn more details about this radical and unique mod for your ride.

Why You Need Dust Brake Covers

If you own your car, there is a good chance that you have purchased dust brake covers at some point. The first question you might ask is, what do dust brake covers do? Dust brake covers are designed to stop unsightly brake dust and make sure that your brakes are operating well. Essentially, dust brake covers prevent dust from going into your brakes and potentially affecting their performance, which can lead to serious problems.

How Does a Donk Change Your Driving Style?

Contrary to popular belief, a donk is neither hard nor dangerous to drive. However, driving one does require a slightly different driving style than what you’re probably used to. The following goes into greater detail about the many aspects of a typical donk that could affect your driving style.

5 Ideas for Pimping Out Your Donk

Few cars manage to turn heads and captivate passers-by quite like a donk. Thanks to its big body and even bigger wheels, a donk definitely stands out from just about everything else on the road. Aside from the ever-essential custom donk lift kit, customization plays a big role in turning an ordinary sedan or coupe into a bonafide donk -- after all, each donk is meant to be an individual reflection of the owner’s tastes and artistic vision.

Donks and Imports: Do the Two Ever Meet?

Now everybody gets excited when you see that classic 1970's Chevy Impala rolling down the road on massive wheels with an absolutely sweet paint job. However, there is something about those four-door mammoths that feel like they belong to another generation, like your parents. At the same time, your love for flashy spinners and that raked ride have you wishing you could tweak your beloved Honda Civic into something special. Well, you can!

What You Need to Know About Custom Lift Kits

There are many misconceptions about lift kits. Some people say they are too expensive to purchase and install. However, lift kits, even custom lift kits, are surprisingly affordable. Another alleged issue that detractors of lift kits frequently cite is the idea that installing a lift kit will ruin the ride of your car. This is not the case if the right lift kit is used and the kit is installed properly. Finally, many people say there's no benefit to be gained from installing a lift kit. However, this is not the case. A properly installed lift kit can dramatically increase ground clearance. If you live in the area with rough roads, or if you go off-roading, frequently this increased ground clearance can be very useful.

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